Issues & Political Concerns

Chris believes that in order to be the most effective representative one must make decisions that promote a thriving community. 

A strong representative needs to be:

  • Fiscally conservative

  • Conscientious of maintaining limited government 

  • Supportive of local community

We need to live in a district/state where the government is accountable for taxpayer funds.

Image by Micheile Henderson
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Image by Tim Mossholder

Fiscal Conservative

Chris' history as a fiscal conservative is a testament to his passion regarding this philosophy. Having served on the Cedarburg City Council and Cedarburg School District School Board, Chris has demonstrated advocacy for maintain fiscally conservative policies which have resulted in:

  • Responsible spending

  • AA+ bond ratings

  • Low taxes

  • Stewardship of taxpayers dollars

Chris has been able to maintain this philosophy as President of the Cedarburg School Board and has worked with others to advance Cedarburg High School as one of the best ranked schools in the state and country.

Limited Government

Chris' experience as President of the Cedarburg City Council and President of the Cedarburg School Board have shown him first hand that less government is better for our local communities.  He has witnessed the potential negative impacts excessive regulation can have on businesses, education and individuals.

Small Business Support

Chris Reimer is proud to support small business.  With over half of the private workforce in Wisconsin employed by small businesses, small businesses are the backbone of our communities. Small businesses are neighbors and money that we spend to support them stays in our communities.  Chris Reimer is committed to finding ways for continued support of small businesses to keep our economy strong.