Mark Gottlieb – Former Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Transportation Scott Walker Administration and Former Assembly Representative 60th District: Mike O’Keefe-Cedarburg Mayor; Jack Arnett – Cedarburg Alderman; Pat Thome-Cedarburg Alderwoman; Kevin Kennedy-Cedarburg School Board Member; Brandon Goldbeck-Cedarburg School Board Member; Sam Cox-Cedarburg School Board Memeber; Kristin Padberg-Cedarburg School Board Member; Rick Leach-Cedarburg School Board Member; Bob Loomis-Former Cedarburg Alderman; Jeff Brey-Former Cedarburg School Board Member; Mike McMenimen-Former Cedarburg School Board Member; Dan Vonbargen-Former Cedarburg Alderman; John Czarnecki-Former City of Cedarburg Alderman; Randy and Hope Groth, Sam and Jill Hunt; Jay and Karen Weber; Mike and Kelly Knepler; Mark and Colleen Vap; Jan and Scott Weber; Jennifer French; Mike and Sarah Taraboi; Rich Horky; Russel and Maggie Folmar; Dennis and Laurie Ritchie; Molly McGarry; Ryan and Pam Miller; Luis and Rachel Arroyo; Troy and Wendy Severson; Boyd and Melissa Miller; Dan and Terese Einhorn; Jared and Candice Feider; Jim and Jackie Dekker; Joe and Deb Ingrassia, Mark, Sarah, and Noah Going, Chris and Kim Mayer, Dave and Tricia Torres